The proven way to maximize your Star Ratings

Talk with anyone in the Medicare Advantage industry and you’ll hear it: succeeding at Stars year over year is incredibly difficult. It requires significant commitment. The resources required to obtain reliable outcomes are immense. Even when you make the investment, it’s been difficult to predict improved results. Until now.

Hyperlift is a proprietary technology suite integrated with a unique knowledge-based approach that together have predictably, substantially and repeatedly improved Medicare Star Ratings.

This revolutionary approach takes a holistic view of the Star Ratings management process. It allows you to realize results more quickly and effectively than by using traditional means, while reducing dependency on implementing complex and expensive internal systems that may or may not improve outcomes.

The secret

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Targeted Assessment

The unique and proven Hyperlift approach gets quickly to the heart of the matter, drilling down to the measures that will have the most immediate impact. Then it applies proprietary technologies and algorithms to identify the best solution.

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rapid deployment

Arrive at a proven and game-changing solution fast with a tailored program derived from our library of over 150 proven intervention charters that are scored by cost, speed to market, efficacy, level of control and internal resources required to implement.

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Continual Optimization

The Hyperlift PMO team continually monitors performance utilizing cut point forecasting, scenario modeling and internal/plan data for continual improvement.

The $100 million revenue boost

See how the Hyperlift approach boosted and maintained Star Ratings for a $100 million increase in revenue.

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